Test Drive; Cadillac 2015 ATS Coupe 2.0T AWD

General Motors was kind enough to let me test drive their 2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe for the past week. I’m definitely a mountain and outdoor girl so my Infiniti QX4 is perfect for throwing in anything and everything I could possibly need. So when they gave me an option of what car I would like my first thought, “Let’s go for speed!”

Cadillac 2015 ATS Coupe 2.0T

My current car is rather limited in the technology department and the ATS Coupe was just the opposite with an overwhelming amount of gadgets and buttons. After a week of driving this beauty, things I never thought I needed had now become necessities. The handsfree calling, built in Sat Nav, heated seats and steering wheel, HUD system, camera for when reversing, and CUE (Cadillac User Experience).They made my drive easier and more enjoyable. The seats were so comfortable they even helped my grandmother fall asleep within 10 minutes of a shopping trip. The snoring definitely ruined the ambience though. Thankfully the high-tec speakers were more that capable of drowning it out. Thank you Bose!

Cadillac car technology

I was impressed with how smooth it drives and it’s a really smart car. It alerts you when you’re getting too close to someone at a certain speed with a front panel alert system. Also, there’s vibrating seats which come to life when you’re getting too close to a barrier whilst reversing. When it first happened I was not expecting it and it stopped me in my tracks. Effective, no?

Test Drive Cadillac

Now this car is sleek and turned a lot heads, which was of course an ego booster. All of that aside the feature that I treasured the most were the brakes. I know how can I be focusing on something so basic when I’m driving such an incredible vehicle from a highly respected brand like Cadillac. But, in comparison to cars I’ve driven the Brembo four-wheel disc with ABS are in a league of their own. This coupled with the OnStar I felt incredibly safe and for me that’s massive plus.

Cadillac Brembo brakes

Cadillac OnStar Services

It was quite the talking point when I parked into my flight school and it drove like a pro on the dirt track.

General Motors Cadillac at Flight School

Yet, when wanting to explore the mud and mountains I was limited with space and utility of the vehicle. Not to mention I definitely didn’t want to get the pretty thing dirty. This made the car impractical for my lifestyle.

Sports Car Seattle

Perfect for a city lifestyle and with hard to find parking in Seattle I did enjoy the ease of a coupe. A great car for those needing a sports car and a great price point.

Thank you General Motors for such an amazing ride!