Superbowl 49 Reflection

Like most of you living in Seattle I was damn sure that the Seahawks were going to bring home another trophy. But, alas, they were defeated by the Patriots.

Seahawks Superbowl Game

I watched the game with a group of amazing people at Sport Restaurant and Bar next to the Space Needle. There were highs and lows throughout the entire game, not to mention the sporadic showering of Skittles. Even though the Seahawks didn’t win they performed incredibly well and demonstrated great sportsmanship. From Pete’s comments and the players shaking the hands of the competitors, the Seahawks proved they were a team with class. They are true role models!

Sherman shakes Brady's Hand

Even with the poor play that ultimately lost the Hawks their game, as I walked down 1st Avenue I could still hear everyone chanting SEAHAWKS! They had played well throughout the whole season and the 12th Man are still in awe of them.

As I reflect on the past year that I’ve been in Seattle I’ve loved the community that I’ve become involved in. The Seahawks are definitely part of that experience and I couldn’t be more proud of them!

12th Man Seahawks


The Seahawks have flown home!

The 5th of February 2014 was a great day to be in Seattle! The Seattle Seahawks won the Superbowl 48 and were greeted to 750,000 fans who lined the streets (and even scaled the buildings) to cheer on the team.

Even though it took us nearly an hour to board the Sounder train, where we were then crushed like sardines. But, there was chanting and high spirits throughout the train which made the journey a great prelude to what was next to come. The photo below was indeed photo bombed haha

Trying to board the Sounder train for Seahawks Parade

So I arrived in Seattle with my two lovely ladies, the sun beamed on our faces and people were already lining the streets….and drinking. I was very much looking forward to a breakfast burrito not increasing my alcohol content at 10:00am 🙂

As time quickly ran on we decided to brace the cold weather and get a good spot on 2nd Avenue. The atmosphere was so incredible. Century Link field was already to its maximum capacity for the Award Ceremony and with 750,000 in Seattle the noise the ricocheted off the skyscrapers.

Seattle Seahawks Victory Parade

So when the football players made their way towards us in the Duck Trucks you can imagine the volume of the “12th man”! It was intoxicating and I liked it 😀 One of the best parts was how nice and respectful everyone was of each other.

Seahawk Victory Parade and the 12th Man

Unfortunately my videos will not upload but I got some great photos off of the Seahawks website which also has some amazing videos taken by the players.

Lynch in Beast Mode with his Skittles

Seahawk linebackers enjoying the Victory Parade in Seattle

Lombardi trophy

Seahawk Award Ceremony in Seattle

Great Superbowl Celebration