A Palace in Granada

Granada is home to one of the most extensive palaces and fortresses I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. The mouldings and tiles are beautifully intricate in design, in addition to the spacious gardens that were blooming with flowers.

La Alhambra, Granada, SpainAlhambra wall mouldingsLa Alhambra wall paintingsIntricate details of AlhambraEvidence of the Arabic past in Granada, SpainGardens in La AlhambraGardens in the Palace at Granada

Nowadays Alhambra, the name of the area, is a tourist attraction but it once stood as a fortress. It was created initially for military purposes which included a medina (city), alcazar (palace), and an alcazaba (fortress).

Alhambra derives from the Arabic language meaning “crimson castle”. You can see from some pictures of the palace that when the torches are lit upon the palace it gives off a reddish colour. If you look at some of the pictures you can see evidence of the Arabic language in the design and mouldings.

Alhambra, Granada, SpainAlhambra buildings Alhambra fortressGiant door in Alhambra

It took a long arduous uphill walk to get there so we naturally stopped several times along the way for breaks and popsicles. Once you get to the top though the views are sparse and spectacular.

Walking in Granada, SpainJoanna stopped for a walk in the streamAlhambra from a distant Views from AlhambraAlhambra Granada Spain


Phobia of Fish Discovered in Istan

On June 3rd, 2012 I went fishing and kayaking in Istan with my friend Joanna and her parents. The scenery was so beautiful and the best part was that we were the only people, except for a few annoying teenagers, within the whole reservoir.

Joanna and I were a little hungover after hitting one of our favourite bars, Room 101, for some Caipirinhas so we enjoyed paddling in the kayak.

Chilling in the kayak in Istan

Our guide, Captain Amer, showed us how to fish for bass which is actually hard! We brought a feast of cheese, meat, and fruit, giving us a reason to stop for lunch three times. The scenery was beautiful with mountains surrounding us and crystal blue skies, it’s a must if you get the chance to visit Marbella.

Although the girls unfortunately did not catch any fish, Joanna’s dad was like a fish whisperer and caught five.

I will admit that I think I have created an irrational fear to fish. I never want to be the prissy girl but every time the fish was near me I would squeal in such a high pitch that only dogs could hear. This only got worse when it came to killing and gutting the fish, which left me agape. This also made me wonder…..for times like these a boyfriend would come in pretty useful (All macho men may apply :-D) We were also allowed to bring our catch home for dinner, YUM!

Fishing in Istan, SpainIstan, SpainConquering the kayak in Istan

Jumping in El Chorro

El Chorro I have finally defeated you! It took me two trips and a lot of courage building but I finally jumped off a cliff.

I jumped in El Chorro

Ok so the cliff could be described as more of a ledge but I feel like the accomplishment is much bigger. So cliff seems like a much better word in this context 😀

El Chorro is known to be one of the best places for rock climbing. Its vast rock faces offers something for all abilities and when you get a little too hot you can just jump into the beautiful cool water.

Swimming in El Chorro, Spain

El Chorro landscape in SpainEl ChorroThe Gorge in El Chorro, SpainThe lakes in El Chorro

My life in Marbella

I  lived in Marbella, Spain from August 2011 until September 2012 and it was the best time of my life. I worked for the most amazing employers at Manifesto Design and yes I did get to party rather extensively.

I have the fondest memories of walking along the boardwalk in the sun with my gaggle of girls, deciding upon where we will enjoy tapas and euro beers. I’m a girl who enjoys simple pleasures.

Travelling and exploring a new culture is an experience I feel lucky to have had. The parties were pretty damn awesome as well 😀

This is also the place where Joanna and I became the best of friends, I had an Italian romance, gained valuable knowledge in the Marketing and PR industry, and grew up. So Marbella has a soft spot with me.

Here are some pictures that will hopefully encapsulate my time in the crazy city of Marbella.

This was one of our first nights out in a local bar in Fuengirola with some friends.

One of our first nights out in Spain

One of my first press invites to a Marbella party that was so cool.

First PR appearance in Marbella

Art Gallery opening

Nightclub Opening in Marbella

Enjoying the night in Marbella

Eating a nice Mexican

Night out in Puento Banus

Drinks with the girls in Marbella

Birthday Dinner in Puerto BanusNew Year's Eve in MarbellaNight out in MarbellaMarbella Art FestivalNight time dipAnother party in MarbellaSan Juan in MarbellaDinner for San JuanEnjoying some supper for San Juan Marbella

On our last day in Marbella I decided I wanted to get my ear pierced.

Where to pierce my ear before leaving Marbella


Roaming in Ronda

Ronda is one of the oldest cities in Spain and dates back to the Neolithic age. Pileta’s Cave has one of the best cave paintings of that era in Andalusia. Whilst the ‘New Bridge’ and the bullring of the Royal Calvary Order of Ronda are the symbol and soul of this great city.

There is so much history and culture surrounding this city but the real reason when went on a road trip to Ronda was for the puenting. Puenting is the like bungee jumping. You jump off a bridge and savour the free fall experience. I’ll be the first to admit that I was too chicken to try this out myself, which I kind of regret to this day. It looks awesome!!

Practising the jump for puenting

Getting ready for the puenting

Finally they jumped

After the jumps photo

You can see the video of their ‘last words’ on my friend Anna’s blog.

Now back to the historical part of our visit. We did a lot of eating and walking. The best feature, in my opinion, was the Puente Nuevo (The New Bridge). Towering 120ft above the canyon floor, this bridge offers the best viewpoint for viewing the vast of Ronda. We unfortunately didn’t get enough time to do everything we wanted to do, but it was still a great experience.

Anna and I in Ronda

Ronda is a place for romance

The New Bridge, Ronda Spain

La Ciudad Ronda, EspanaLa Ciudad Ronda, Espana

Nueva Kaskada Opening

Megan, Joanna, and I

Thought I would put a blog up about when Joanna, Megan, and I went to the Nueva Kaskada opening in Marbella on October 12, which was so much fun!!! There was drag queens and performances from jugglers as well as my favourite, champagne and food YUM. It was amazing food by an award winning chef and the company was fantastic. Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy the morning after with last night’s festivities merely at bay and a full day of work ahead of me. But I cannot wait for the next one where I can see everyone again.

I’m wearing a leather skirt from H&M, shoes from Topshop, a men’s collared shirt, and vintage belt.

An Amor girl goes to the gallery

Megan, Joanna, and I had the chance to experience our first art gallery exhibition. Even saying it has made me feel so upper class and an added 50 points to the IQ. It was at the Alejandro Hermann Gallery and showcased G.Vega’s mural designs which were exquisite. I wore a tuxedo inspired sweater and calve length purple skirt from H&M along with orange/tan wedges from Marypaz (shoe store in Spain). Have a look at the pictures below.

Festive times

Joanna and I at Room 101

Being away from my family in England has been absolute torture, so when Christmas time was just around the corner I was literally bouncing off the walls with excitement. Although the English weather is nothing to be anticipated whilst I’ve enjoyed my days in the Spanish sun, I felt like I needed the cold to complete the festive season. I treated my family to real presents this year compared to trying my hand at DIY presents last year. Whilst I was spoilt rotten with a MacBook laptop which I’m in love with!!!! I also missed the food and indulged a little too much with the cheeseboards 😀


My mom, sister, and I


As for the New Year’s my friend Joanna and I hit the Puerto Banus bars along the coast. I enjoyed the evening drinking several (oh hell, a bucket load) Caiprinas. Yum! I got a fabulous dress from a boutique on Catherine Hill in Frome, England called Boho. It was a gorgeous red and flowed beautifully. Paired with my white and gold heels I was ready for the evening. We met a lovely photographer and fashion designer whom we partied with till 8am.

Me and the boys

Jose and I, trying to look coolJoanna found a mask