Roaming in Ronda

Ronda is one of the oldest cities in Spain and dates back to the Neolithic age. Pileta’s Cave has one of the best cave paintings of that era in Andalusia. Whilst the ‘New Bridge’ and the bullring of the Royal Calvary Order of Ronda are the symbol and soul of this great city.

There is so much history and culture surrounding this city but the real reason when went on a road trip to Ronda was for the puenting. Puenting is the like bungee jumping. You jump off a bridge and savour the free fall experience. I’ll be the first to admit that I was too chicken to try this out myself, which I kind of regret to this day. It looks awesome!!

Practising the jump for puenting

Getting ready for the puenting

Finally they jumped

After the jumps photo

You can see the video of their ‘last words’ on my friend Anna’s blog.

Now back to the historical part of our visit. We did a lot of eating and walking. The best feature, in my opinion, was the Puente Nuevo (The New Bridge). Towering 120ft above the canyon floor, this bridge offers the best viewpoint for viewing the vast of Ronda. We unfortunately didn’t get enough time to do everything we wanted to do, but it was still a great experience.

Anna and I in Ronda

Ronda is a place for romance

The New Bridge, Ronda Spain

La Ciudad Ronda, EspanaLa Ciudad Ronda, Espana