Feasting on the Seaside

It’s my dad’s birthday week so even though we all have hectic schedules we managed to gather together for some dinner at The Crab Pot.

First we took a short stroll through the market. Pike Place Market is an open air market and known for its amazing array of fresh seafood, colorful fruits and vegetables, and reasonable priced bouquets of flowers. If you ever get the chance you should definitely check out the Pike Place Fish Market. Their famous for their fish throwing and employees who have huge amounts of character.

Pike Place Fish Market, Seattle

Pike Place Market Store Front

Now back to the birthday party. The Crab Pot is along the seafront and in a historic building with wooden floors and a ferris wheel right next door. The best thing about this place is that it’s pretty essential that you eat with your hands. No problem there! You order what seafood platter you want and they literally throw a bucket of seafood onto the table for you to start gnawing and cracking at.

The Crab Pot SeattleSo we grabbed our bibs and feasted on snow crab, oysters, mussels, shrimp, corn on the cob, and red potatoes. We washed it all down with a pitcher of beer and enjoyed a large mud pie and cheesecake to satisfy our sweet tooth. And playing with your food is encouraged upon.

Playing with our food at The Crab PotYou can really see what it’s like from their feature on the Man vs. Food show.

It was safe to say that everyone had a pretty amazing time! Happy 48th Birthday Dad!



The Seahawks have flown home!

The 5th of February 2014 was a great day to be in Seattle! The Seattle Seahawks won the Superbowl 48 and were greeted to 750,000 fans who lined the streets (and even scaled the buildings) to cheer on the team.

Even though it took us nearly an hour to board the Sounder train, where we were then crushed like sardines. But, there was chanting and high spirits throughout the train which made the journey a great prelude to what was next to come. The photo below was indeed photo bombed haha

Trying to board the Sounder train for Seahawks Parade

So I arrived in Seattle with my two lovely ladies, the sun beamed on our faces and people were already lining the streets….and drinking. I was very much looking forward to a breakfast burrito not increasing my alcohol content at 10:00am 🙂

As time quickly ran on we decided to brace the cold weather and get a good spot on 2nd Avenue. The atmosphere was so incredible. Century Link field was already to its maximum capacity for the Award Ceremony and with 750,000 in Seattle the noise the ricocheted off the skyscrapers.

Seattle Seahawks Victory Parade

So when the football players made their way towards us in the Duck Trucks you can imagine the volume of the “12th man”! It was intoxicating and I liked it 😀 One of the best parts was how nice and respectful everyone was of each other.

Seahawk Victory Parade and the 12th Man

Unfortunately my videos will not upload but I got some great photos off of the Seahawks website which also has some amazing videos taken by the players.

Lynch in Beast Mode with his Skittles

Seahawk linebackers enjoying the Victory Parade in Seattle

Lombardi trophy

Seahawk Award Ceremony in Seattle

Great Superbowl Celebration

Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair

Last weekend was so refreshing. With day upon day of studying I was needing a difference in environment and activities so I headed to Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair with my friend. When I first came to the University of Lincoln this was the first event I went to in the sunlight. Fresher’s fortnight caused an abundance of Fresher’s flu in my year group so we were pretty lazy the first month of our new found independence. I was so impressed with the event that my friend Katie and I went every chance we got. The fair provides a large assortment of clothes, accessories, and homewares and I always find the most amazing items. One of the best parts of the fair is that it travels, stoping at various locations making it easier for everyone to experience it. The fair is set up with loads of stalls for each vintage trader to show off their beautiful products and there is even an area where you can enjoy an English tea with cakes in dainty teacups and saucers. I always manage to spend quite a lot money there and last Saturday was no different.

Vintage Fair in Lincoln

Vintage clothing at judy's Affordable Vintage Fair

Events in Lincoln and LondonI got an amazingly blue coloured lace dress with pearl buttons, a bag, Parisian scarf, and a cute summer skirt. Make sure you check the website to see when Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair is in your neighbourhood!

My goodies from Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair in Lincolnshire

I forgot my camera on that day so all photos are courtesy of Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair.

Goodbye London

As I announced in one of my previous posts  I’m going to be leaving the UK for a new adventure in Denver, Colorado. My sister, Kirsten, lives in London and it’s by far one of my favourite places in the world. There is so much culture, history, beautiful buildings, and so much to see and do, I’m definitely a city girl. I have quite a few friends who now live in London as well so decided to visit them and the amazing city one last time before I depart to the States.

2012-11-08 20.48.22 2012-11-08 20.50.33 2012-11-08 20.52.02 2012-11-08 20.54.08 2012-11-08 21.00.45 2012-11-08 21.03.29 2012-11-08 21.35.10 2012-11-08 21.36.23 2012-11-08 21.49.39 2012-11-08 21.50.36 2012-11-08 21.57.57 2012-11-08 22.03.35 2012-11-09 21.21.43

We were so lucky with the weather, I’m predicting that summer is only just around the corner. After travelling around for the day I hit restaurant hot spot MEATliquor. After stuffing our faces with burgers, chilli fries, and southern slaw it was to The Living Room for some drinks and a catch up.


NCF! Comedy Night in Nottingham

My good friend Joanna, aka Anna, and I decided that we needed a night out but with exams and assignment hand-ins looming closer we shunned the idea of a boozy night clubbing. We received a flyer about the NCF! Comedy Night in Nottingham and we were instantly sold on the idea! We are advent lovers of comedy shows and are always up for seeing new acts.

After an hour long drive and numerous karaoke songs later, we arrived at the Canalhouse in Nottingham. Full of excitement to be out of the house, we walked straight to the bar to order a bottle of wine and begin our evening of laughter. The Canalhouse is a great spot with an actual canal running through the middle it. It’s bursting with quirky characteristics that give it a homey feeling.

Canalhouse in Nottingham for NCF! Comedy Night

NCF Comedy first started back in 2009 at the Nottingham Comedy Festival and has been having successful festivals of their own ever since. Now they’re travelling to various venues to show off their comedic flair with their Comedy Nights, so make sure to check out their upcoming dates so you don’t miss out.

James and Joey catching up at the NCF Comedy Night at the Canalhouse in Nottingham

After some much needed catching up with Anna, we took our seats on the upper deck of the establishment and the acts began. They were all so good!! This event gets a MASSIVE thumbs up and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a chilled night out with friends. There was a mixture of experienced comics and some fresh faces testing their talent. Even complete amateurs are able to book a slot on the night and try out their best jokes. The best thing is that it was only £1!!! An amazing deal for students as well as anyone looking for a night out.

NCF Comedy Night organisers with Amor Without Couture

The organisers of NCF Comedy Nights made sure everyone was having an amazing night. The atmosphere was definitely infectious, I don’t think I saw one person without a smile.

The Long Intros at the NCF! Comedy Night in Nottingham at the Canalhouse

All the acts were good but these guys were hands down our favourite! They’re called The Long Intros and incorporate masses of humour into a catchy melody that had Anna and I singing along in no time. Their ability to transfer awkward youth experiences into an upbeat acoustic number had me in stitches for their entire act.

Now all we need to know NCF Comedy is when are you coming to Lincoln?

Saddling up for Denver!

Nordstrom Cherry Creek ColoradoI’m so excited to announce that I will be up and moving sticks to Denver, Colorado to carry out an internship at Nordstrom. I couldn’t be more excited to explore more state side!

Denver, Colorado city night skyline

I have been living in England now for nearly 7 years and have loved every minute but I’m definitely ready for a major change. With the end of university in sight this is the perfect time for a new adventure. Within the local area I can go rafting, watch the Denver Broncos, hike the Rocky Mountains, go horseback riding, and the nightlife is pretty amazing. Of course I will still be blogging every step of the way but the sewing machine will have to go to a caring home so my DIY posts will have to be more creative.

The Rocky Montains, Denver Colorado

I’ve been watching every tourist YouTube video and trying to find out all there is to know about Nordstrom and Denver, it looks beautiful. Although I still have to find some accommodation which is proving to be tricky.

Coffee Aroma

IT….IS…SO….COLD!!! Brrrrrrrr!

All I want to do recently is curl up in my duvet and watch Disney movies, but with university exams looming closer and a move to Denver, Colorado edging into the horizon I need to keep motivated.

So I decided to meet my friend Lorna on Princess Street and we headed off for a little shop as well as a chat session at one of the best coffee houses in the Midlands, Coffee Aroma.

Princess Street, Lincoln, UK

Located on the Lincoln high street, Coffee Aroma has the best atmosphere. It’s a home-y feeling mixed with the relaxed coolness of a friend’s hangout sanctuary. It’s full of books, boardgames, newspapers, and CAKES, making it perfect to suit everyone’s tastes. They’re prized on their variety of different coffees and fresh leaf teas which are all organically sourced. Not a fan of hot drinks, no problem the coffee shop also has a wide variety of beers.

2012-10-10 00.09.03coffearoma_beerandspirits coffearoma_cake coffearoma_epressodrinks coffearoma_filtercoffee 2012-10-10 00.11.11

2012-10-10 00.12.13 2012-10-10 00.12.21 2012-10-10 00.13.41

2012-10-10 00.31.11

Lorna caught me enjoying a lovely green tea. The chalkboard in the next picture shows where the coffee that they’re using is sourced from. Pretty cool huh! If you’re like me and drained from days staring at the endless books in the University of Lincoln library then take a break and head over to Coffee Aroma for a much needed pick me up!

2012-10-10 00.36.23

Some pictures were from the Coffee Aroma website.

Twenty Thirteen Thoughts

Lauren Conrad New Year Resolution IdeaMy new year was a somber one and even though I suffered with a spat of food poisoning, yuck, I was determined to stay up and ring in the new year with friends. Although I succeeded in this goal there was definitely no drinking allowed for me and I ended up asleep on the couch several times throughout the evening. When the clock hit 3am my friend Jo and I headed home for a great night’s sleep in preparation of our productive New Year’s Day.

Even though I have the usual resolutions of advancing upon my fitness and healthy eating regime blah blah blah I have three other crucial ideas which are:

1) Keeping in touch better with friends and family

2) Keep on top of my DIY projects (so many ideas, so little time)

3) Be more spontaneous!!!

Reflecting on this, I have found that although I have begun my spontaneity, my ability to respond to messages, emails, Facebook, Twitter, carrier pigeons, and all other types of contact has proven more difficult than I thought. So I’ve decided to try and set aside an hour everyday to respond to all messages, I hope this goes well 😀

Our Three King’s Dinner (aka Friends Christmas) was a success!!! All of us girls gathered around a table to dig into a great homemade roast and lemon meringue pie. We then wrote our resolutions on some Chinese lanterns, had some naked photoshoots with said lanterns, and casted them into the sky.

New Year Resolutions

In order to keep reminding myself of these resolutions I have taken an idea from Lauren Conrad’s blog and frame them in my room. Such a great idea!!

My 22nd Birthday!

Jamie Kathleen Amor 22nd Birthday Party So my birthday was quite some time ago, August 24th to be exact, but I was contemplating whether or not to do a post about it. In the remaining days I had of my 21 year old life I didn’t think becoming 22 was the best age to be celebrating. For me this officially struck a cord of adulthood that I was furiously trying to tone out, whilst tightly holding onto my youthful and fun 21 lifestyle.

With this daunting age becoming fast approaching, I received a very useful quote from a good friend of mine which turned my perspective for the better. After being told “Don’t take life too seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.” was not exactly the most comforting words I’ve heard but they were true.

With that being said I decided to enjoy my birthday by having a one last ditch at being an irresponsible youth. I will say that the night was full of Caipirinhas and shots but the mischievous activities will remain a secret between those who were there 😀

Friends enjoying my 22nd birthday Rokaya and Claire at the barJoanna and I At the beginning of the night

Inspire: Red wine for Fall

Fashion File magazine cover from Net-a-porterThe Fashion File magazine, produced by Net-a-Porter, is a perfect guide for the season’s trends. The Autumn/Winter clothing is becoming more noticeable as the sales are beginning to die out and the new season shipment has been ordered. Net-a-porter is also great for outfit ideas, so go ahead and check out the full magazine as I’ve only featured a few pages within this blog post.

For anyone who has been lucky enough to buy a fresh off the runway piece of clothing, you will know that Net-a-porter’s delivery service is second to none. Thanks to Natalie Massenet 1,000 customers a day receive a sturdy cardboard box presented to them with a beautifully tied bow and inside their gift is carefully wrapped in expensive pink tissue paper. Anyone who receives a delivery in this condition will be more than ecstatic, especially with the latest bunch of post man. They honestly need a lesson in courtesy. Moving on, Net-a-porter is a product of the dotcom boom and surpasses other online retailers in awards and customer service. I know that being a student means sticking to the budget but everyone should check out this website cause it offers a world of fashion that engulfs you visually allowing outfit ideas to flow freely. We all need inspiration from time to time and this is one of my favourite stops if I’m stuck in a rut!

Below I have taken one of the trends from the Fashion File piece and chosen some more affordable pieces from the high-street and online retailers for my fellow students. Scarlet Fever, or Seeing Red, is a trend full of shades of red. I’m very excited for this colour to hit the mainstream because a dark shade of red works perfectly with my skin tone 😀 Think red wine, winter berries, the fallen leaves in Autumn, this colour is very rich and glamorous. A dark red is a great alternative to those lovers of black who are wanting to venture into some colour.

Seeing Red article from Fashion File magazine made by Net-a-porter 1Seeing Red article from Fashion File magazine made by Net-a-porter 2Autumn/Winter 2012 Trend Scarlett Fever