Hiking the Rocky Mountains

Leaving the glam at home I put on my hat and hiking gear to explore a destination so beautiful and vast it will make you feel like a speck. I’m talking about a scenery that encompasses 415 miles of the USA and reaches for the sky with peaks over 12,000 feet. The Rocky Mountains has to be one of my favourite destinations in my travels so far.

We drove to Estes Park in Colorado and from there saw great wildlife so up close that it actually got my adrenaline pumping.

Rocky Mountains in Colorado

A stag in the distance in the Rocky Mountains

Deer in the Rocky Mountains Denver, Colorado

The valley in The Rocky Mountains If you’re looking for somewhere to stay I would definitely recommend the Streamside on Fall River location. It is beautiful and although I didn’t get the chance to stay here as I would of liked, I have heard nothing but positive stories about this place.