Valentine’s Day in Seattle 2015

Valentine's Ideas

So for all of you people who’ve been trying to discuss your Valentine’s plans with me here is a list compiled for you.

Underground Tour – Wine and Bourbon Tasting Event

Underground Tour Seattle

Northwest Symphony Orchestra – Valentine’s Concert full of love stories greatest music 

Explore Local Art – Ballard Art Walk & Central District Art Walk

The Triple Door – J’Adore Burlesque Show

Green Lake Park – Love ’em or Leave ’em Valentine’s Day Dash

My personal favorite – Cupid’s Undie Run

Dinner & Movie – Jason Aldous is hosting a pop-up restaurant & 50 Shades of Grey duh!

Tacoma Comedy Club – Comedy Benefit for the Autism Society of Washington

Seductive – Valentine’s Day Cooking Class & Dinner at Pike Place Market

Or, if you want to get creative….

Note Wrapped Flowers

Flowers and Notes

12 Months of Pre-Planned Dates

Valentine's Day Idea

A Cuddle Kit (can be personalized)

Valentine's Cuddle Kit

Love is Art Kit

Love is Art

Sexy Jenga

Sexy Jenga

Slutty Brownie Sundae – my favorite desert

The Londoner Slutty Brownie Sundae




Little space, no problem!

I’m sorry for the large abundance of travel posts lately, I have so many trips to post about. I thought I would try and break it up with a post on how to deal with small living areas. As a recently graduated university student I have been exploring new apartments in the city of Seattle. I love lofts, especially the industrially refurbished ones that have bare brick walls, wood floors, and high ceilings. Not to mention they’re usually in an amazing location in the city. One problem that I have noticed with trying to get an apartment on a reasonable budget is dealing with the small space.

I’m a girl who loves to entertain and cook! Dinner parties, cocktail brunches, and dress up are a must so it’s time to get creative when looking at these available places. In order to get the ideas flowing where else to go other than Pinterest for some quick inspiration. So if you are having a hard time thinking of ways to create more space but missing the square footage to do so then go ahead and check out these solutions!

Creative solutions to small spaces Source: Sadecor

Ideas for apartments with little spaceSource: Pinterest 

Wardrobe ideas for unusual apartmentsSource: Pinterest

Quirky closet in loft spaceSource: HomeAdore

Creative storage space solutionsSource: HUH.

Loft apartment design ideasSource: Design Milk







Festival Hair Accessories

With summer nearly in full bloom the festivals won’t be far behind and that means amazing festival attire. I love flicking through the photos of Coachella and seeing all the flowers, patterns, colour, and boho chic styles. Hopefully the sunshine will come back out in England soon.

I found some great tutorials on the Lauren Conrad website that show you how to create your own hair accessories. It’s very easy and cheap to do so anyone can get involved. Let me know how your flower crown/head pieces, feather barrettes, and milkmaid braids turn out.

bU6ykoSeJTP7v8k3NpCFPoEf CAcyfckRoGSvDUjkjIjTBhmK GP1ttncktrmSnYetYyfu5ncy

DIY Book Clutch

Celebrity book clutches

I’ve been seeing numerous celebrities with these clutches that are inspired by books, mainly made by Olympia Le-Tan.  Some are decorated using material like felt and others are actually crafted straight from the books themselves. I decided to venture into creating my own Book Clutch. I went to my local Oxfam , who have a huge array of all different types of books. I wanted one that was a bit older so you get those great hardcovers. I finally found one that I loved and it was decorated with green and gold flowers. The title was the best part, ‘Tales of Daring and Danger’. So go ahead and follow these steps to create your own book clutch like mine.

DIY book clutch

Remember to pick a book that has a hard cover and is in pretty good condition. As for sizing, it really depends on how big you want it. About a 1/4 of an inch will be taken up inside by the pages which will be acting as the sides of the clutch.

First step to creating your own book clutchUsing an old paint brush and translucent glue begin to glue the pages together. Make sure to do this really well as this is an important base.

Second step for the DIY book clutchThen grab a heavy book, I put my corporate finance book to good use, and allow the glue to dry. I also put a piece of cardboard between the front cover and the rest of the pages so that they didn’t stick to each other. Once this was dry I added some glue to the back of the book to ensure the back was stuck together, and I also added a purple ribbon.

cutting out the pages for your book clutch

With a ruler measure a 1/4 of an inch in from the edge of the pages and mark a line in pencil. Then you will need to grab your utility knife. I bought one for quite cheap from a store that had a Home DIY department. Start cutting along the lines. I could usually cut about 4 pages each time, so be patient. After cutting out all the pages grab your paint brush and glue then begin gluing the pages within the square. I added some fabric to make it look more clutch like but it’s up to you. Then glue some more ribbon to the front cover so that you can tie the clutch closed.

And the finished product should look a little something like this. I will try and get a picture of me going out with the clutch. I love it!!!

Finished book clutch

DIY clutch made from a book

DIY Side Split Mini Skirt

Side split skirt diy projectThis project is easy and will only take you around an hour tops, as long as you don’t cut the slit too far up or in the wrong place.

Material for DIY project

Once you find some material that you love, I decided upon this lovely white with perforated flowers, grab a mini skirt that you already own out of your drawers. Double up the material so that you cut the same skirt shape twice and place the mini skirt on top of the material.

Side split skirt step 1

Cut around the skirt carefully following the shape but remember to allow an extra inch for the zipper and stitching.

Side Split skirt step 2

Now start stitching! You have to hem the top and bottom of the skirt panels separately before sewing them together. After attaching the zipper, put the skirt on and decide as to where you want to put the split and how high. I’ve been going to the gym regularly so was feeling daring 😀 Only make a small cut so that you know where to cut once you take the skirt off and make a marking as to how high. Once you do this then continue cutting following the markings. Then sew up the edges and voila!!! Your own side split skirt just like the designer ones!

DIY Butterfly Twist Back T-shirt

I think I’m so looking forward to summer that all I can think about doing is making these breezy summer shirts. So here’s a sexy butterfly or twisted back t-shirt.

Butterfly Twist Shirt

My mother went into her local haberdashery store, Millie Moon, and found these cute pins which I love! The store also offers sewing classes which are fantastic 🙂

Millie Moon pins

Supplies needed for DIY projectSorry about the awful lighting, my camera is not doing well at the minute, I think it might be time for an upgrade. These are the supplies you’ll need; a non-sleeved t-shirt, scissors, pins, a hem picker (not sure if that’s the official name for one of those) which may come useful if you have any tricky seams, and a sewing machine or you can stitch by hand but it may take a while.

Step 1 of Butterfly Twist Top

Turn the shirt inside out and make sure the back side is facing up. Cut along the seam all the way up to the arm pit. Then cut along the shoulder seam as well.

After Step 1 Butterfly DIY Twist Top

This is how your shirt should look after the last step.

Twist the material

Stretch out the fabric a little and then grab each end and twist twice. Make sure the shirt matches up to its original position. Now go ahead and pin the material together.

Closer look at the twist for butterfly top

Here’s a closer look at the twist which creates the butterfly back look. Now all you have to do is jump on that sewing machine and stitch the seams back to their original position.

Pulling a pose with the Butterfly Twisted back shirt

Here’s another grainy photo and paired with a cheesy grin, I’ll keep working on the photo poses haha

Back view of shirt

Enjoy making the Butterfly Twist Back T-shirt!!!

DIY Braided Racerback Shirt

This is a great project for getting ready for the summer months, it’s perfect with a bandeau, bikini, colourful bra, or, if you’re brave enough, free boob.


What you’ll need:


Safety pins



Racerback or old shirt (I found this one at Primark and loved the colour and print, perfect for summer)

Layout shirt

Firstly, lay your shirt out flat on your bed, desk, or any other flat surface. Then flip it over so the back is facing you. Then begin cutting an inch away from the top of the shirt, try to give it a little bit of a curve, or semi-circle.

3 Cut across top

Create larger holes in the arms. This allows space for the shirt to gather without tugging too much on the front of the fabric.

2 cut along arm holes

Stretch the back of the shirt, where you will be braiding. This gives more ‘give’ to the shirt, making a better braid.

4 stretch out braided areaCut the back fabric into three sections ready for braiding. Then go ahead and start to braid it as loose or tight as you want. If you’re not sure how to braid or need a little reminder have a look at this video.

5 Cut the braided material into three sections

6 Braid the area

When you’re finished it should look something like this. Tie a knot at the end the braid to prevent constant unravelling (this can get so annoying). Using a safety pin, pin the knot on top of the fabric so that the racerback is now put back together.

8 Pin the knot on top of the top area of the racerback and begin threading it

Thread your needle and cotton and begin to sew the knot to the fabric. Finally, to make it look more professional grab some material, maybe use some that you cut off earlier or grab a different colour altogether for a unique look. I used the label that came with the shirt because it’s the same design as the front of the shirt. Wrap the strip of fabric around the knot and racerback straps, creating a v-shape, and put in a few stitches.

9 wrap around knot

Braided racerback shirt

Photo on 2013-02-07 at 12.22

The Most Simple and Healthiest Cookie Recipe

Easiest cookies everOk I know everyone gets really annoyed when those ‘health nuts’ (yes, I’m one of those people) go on about all the bad ingredients in food nowadays. So I’m going to get straight to the point by saying these are the easiest cookies I’ve ever made. I got the idea from my pilates instructor……….who is on YouTube. I’m a student, and my tooshie is as tight as a peach and it cost me nothing thanks to Blogilates. Right, back to this recipe 😀 All you need is two ingredients, a banana and a cup of oats. I decided to jazz up the recipe a bit and add peanut butter to the banana as well as making some apple, cinnamon, and raison cookies. Have a try at making these yourself and tell me what you think. I hope you like them because they’re so healthy and a sweet treat!

Banana and Peanut Butter


1 banana

Peanut Butter

1 cup of oats

Ingredients for banana peanut butter cookies 2012-08-10 02.41.39 2012-08-10 02.52.02

Mash the banana and oats together and continue mixing until you get a dough-like formation.2012-08-10 02.55.03

Add in as much peanut butter as you wish. I decided upon a very heaped tablespoon.2012-08-10 02.58.36

Continue mixing with your hands until all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed in.

Apple, Cinnamon, and Raison Cookies


1 apple or apple sauce

1 cup of oats

Raisons or Trail mix


2012-08-10 04.46.36 2012-08-10 04.49.42

Remove the skin of the apple and cut it into smaller sections because this will be easier to mash.
2012-08-10 04.52.40 Mash the apple until all the lumps have gone.2012-08-10 04.53.47

Then add the apple puree (or store bought apple sauce) to the oats. Mix thoroughly adding in as much raisons and cinnamon as you like. Once the mixture resembles the previous picture of the banana and peanut butter dough then you can create small circles on a greased pan or wax paper. Make sure not to make them too thick because they will not expand like usual cookies.2012-08-10 05.00.33

Once you’ve got the oven warmed to 200C go ahead and pop in the cookies. After 10 minutes flip each cookie over so that they’re golden on each side. After a total of 20 minutes they’ll be ready to enjoy!!

DIY Exposed Shoulders in Flannel

I got this great shirt for £4 from my local charity shop. It was so soft and comfy but I wanted to add a little sex appeal to it. I have to admit that putting holes into some perfectly fine clothing whist the current winter season is in full force might not be the best idea. But let’s try it anyway 😀

DIY shirt from charity shopHere are the supplies you’re needing:

Supplies needed for DIY cut out shirt

1) Firstly, put your top on and grab some clothing chalk and mark where you want your holes to be. If you don’t have any clothing chalk you can use an eye liner pencil or ordinary blackboard chalk.

DIY cut out shirt

2) Then you need to lie the shirt on your bed, desk, countertop, or any other flat surface. Then grab your scissors and cut along the marked line, carefully.

DIY cutting the cut out shirt

3) After cutting the first hole put the shirt back on to make sure it is the size and position you want. Then place it back onto the flat surface and fold it in half evenly and use safety pins to secure the already cut out shoulder to the remaining sleeve. Using the already cut out sleeve as a stencil begin to cut another hole.

Completing the final sleeve

4) Finally, you need to use either a sewing machine or a needle and thread to fold in the edges of the new sleeve cutouts and prevent them from fraying.

And you are now ready to rock the great cut out shoulder look!!! And don’t forget to accessorise 🙂

DIY Cutout Flannel Shirt

Too much laughing going on with this photo but I still really like it 🙂

DIY cut out shirt modelling photo

Autumn Craft Creations

I’ve been trying to find new ways to make our new home feel more warm. With the weather set to decrease even further I need all the aesthetics to try and keep me mentally warm haha Here are a few crafts that you can try at your homes.

Leaf gift tags

Leaf Gifts Tags 

“Turn leaf rubbings, made with thin colored paper and standard wax crayons, into gift tags or place cards by trimming around the edges of the paper leaf. Write the names of your dinner guests or gift recipients in a contrasting colour.”

Bottle of Boos Halloween crafts

Festive Bottle Lamp

This is a great idea for Halloween! 

tree candle holder, table centre piece

Tree Branch Centre Piece 

For those people who have the luxury of space in their homes you can come together with nature by changing a tree branch into a table centre piece.

Corn husk candle decorations

Cornhusk candles

“Wrapped in dried corn husks, votives cast a soft glow and serve as a reminder that corn was part of the first Thanksgiving feast.”

Twig coasters

Twig Coasters

“These coasters look like rafts afloat a tabletop. For each coaster, gather 22 small, straight twigs, and trim them to a length of 5 inches”

Thanksgiving Thankful Garland

And of course some Halloween decorations 😀

Bat mobile for Halloween decorations

Puking pumpkin for Halloween

Glitter pumpkin