The Whale Wins

Finding great places to eat is a perfect way to start to settle in a new place. Seattle is a great city and the one thing I love about it here is that everyone is a foodie. So in spirit of that after a few of us went for a hike on Richmond Beach we decided to check out one of the hot spots, The Whale Wins.

The Whale Wins in Seattle

The Whale Wins is one of two restaurants owned by award winning chef Renee Ericson with Jeremy Prince and Chad Dale. The other restaurant is The Walrus and the Carpenter, which will have to be our next visit.

The atmosphere was fresh and bright, perfect for the rainy day. It was very open plan and the food was healthy, fresh, and so delicious.

The Whale Wins entrance

We couldn’t decide what to have so we decided to feast upon a buffet of different salads and I, of course, delved into the sardines on toast.

Sardines on toast an The Whale WinsIf you’re not fond of vegetables you should still try this place because it might make you think twice. The brussels sprouts and beetroot salad was incredible. But don’t worry they still have the sought after meat and potatoes on the menu.

I’m sorry there’s no outside shots but the rain was making it hard to get the place in all its glory.

The Whale Wins indoor


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