Starting to Settle

The year 2013 was full of accomplishments, I graduated from university, moved to Denver and then to Seattle, and finally I decided to change careers. After always believing that my career was going to be in fashion it’s definitely been a whirlwind few months with deciding where my goals are heading.  This last three months have seemed like forever (I mean foreverrrrrr) but I can finally say that I’m happy to have finally found my feet again at an airline company.

I’m sure every recent graduate has gone through the process of trying to figure out what they want to do with their life. The advice that I kept hearing from the elders around me was PATIENCE. For those who know me I have only the smallest ounce of patience, so this was a hurdle that proved difficult. My family helped me through those days that seemed endless.

Parents helping their children 1462873_10151786661088597_1028067745_n 943359_10151739927313597_1222633739_n 994425_10151884526643597_1343143279_n 1469940_10151800462473597_1982779151_n

So I discovered a way to keep myself patient, focused, and as far away from boredom as possible. I wrote down all the professions that I was interested in, even if they were eccentric. Then I found ways to gain a real life snippet of what it would be like to work in that area.

I took pilot lessons (look out for that blog post), went to a Peace Corp presentation, spoke with insurance agents, got involved with The Mountaineers (where I ate a mill worm, got to admit not that bad), and even went to the local college to see about taking an engineering class. The one thing that I found out is that you cannot find out what you want by typing on the computer. Yes I got funny looks but I also gained great connections and friends.

I can say that my friends follow that same mentality and we’ve all been able to succeed goals. Anna is moving to Canada this year and Becca landed herself an amazing job. We’re all very excited for 2014!

Anna, Becca, and I

After living in England, Spain, and Denver I’m happy to start building a life and career in Seattle.


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