Breckenridge, CO

As I got more settled in Denver I decided to go through my Colorado Bucket List.

Of course Colorado is known for the amazing skiing town Aspen. Where all the stars collect to enjoy fluffy snow and fine dining. The price tag of a vacation in Aspen would be sure to make a dent in that savings account I’ve been building up. But fear not there are many beautiful mountain towns in Colorado and it just so happens that a friend of ours has a house in Breckenridge. So we packed our bags and headed up there for a weekend getaway.

I have travelled to quite a few places but Breckenridge is breathtaking. The people are incredibly relaxed and friendly, the businesses are all built in wooden cabin form (even Starbucks), and the area is impeccably clean. You get the old town charm instead of commercialized high rises and I LOVE it 😀

Breckenridge, Colorado view

Our first night was spent in the hot tub and enjoying wine. The next day though was our chance to explore! After a hearty breakfast at Gretas (aka Freshies) we got in the truck and climbed the mountains to see some of those views that artists dream of. I couldn’t believe that this area was only about an two hours away from Denver.

Views of Breckenridge, Colorado

Breckenridge Colorado Mountain Town

Cooling off in Breckenridge COaces to visit in Colorado

Views of Breckenridge

It was around July time when I went up there so no snow I’m afraid, but I got a great tan 🙂 They also hold quite a few of events throughout the year so make sure you check out their calender if you’re thinking of heading up.


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