Little space, no problem!

I’m sorry for the large abundance of travel posts lately, I have so many trips to post about. I thought I would try and break it up with a post on how to deal with small living areas. As a recently graduated university student I have been exploring new apartments in the city of Seattle. I love lofts, especially the industrially refurbished ones that have bare brick walls, wood floors, and high ceilings. Not to mention they’re usually in an amazing location in the city. One problem that I have noticed with trying to get an apartment on a reasonable budget is dealing with the small space.

I’m a girl who loves to entertain and cook! Dinner parties, cocktail brunches, and dress up are a must so it’s time to get creative when looking at these available places. In order to get the ideas flowing where else to go other than Pinterest for some quick inspiration. So if you are having a hard time thinking of ways to create more space but missing the square footage to do so then go ahead and check out these solutions!

Creative solutions to small spaces Source: Sadecor

Ideas for apartments with little spaceSource: Pinterest 

Wardrobe ideas for unusual apartmentsSource: Pinterest

Quirky closet in loft spaceSource: HomeAdore

Creative storage space solutionsSource: HUH.

Loft apartment design ideasSource: Design Milk








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