DIY Book Clutch

Celebrity book clutches

I’ve been seeing numerous celebrities with these clutches that are inspired by books, mainly made by Olympia Le-Tan.  Some are decorated using material like felt and others are actually crafted straight from the books themselves. I decided to venture into creating my own Book Clutch. I went to my local Oxfam , who have a huge array of all different types of books. I wanted one that was a bit older so you get those great hardcovers. I finally found one that I loved and it was decorated with green and gold flowers. The title was the best part, ‘Tales of Daring and Danger’. So go ahead and follow these steps to create your own book clutch like mine.

DIY book clutch

Remember to pick a book that has a hard cover and is in pretty good condition. As for sizing, it really depends on how big you want it. About a 1/4 of an inch will be taken up inside by the pages which will be acting as the sides of the clutch.

First step to creating your own book clutchUsing an old paint brush and translucent glue begin to glue the pages together. Make sure to do this really well as this is an important base.

Second step for the DIY book clutchThen grab a heavy book, I put my corporate finance book to good use, and allow the glue to dry. I also put a piece of cardboard between the front cover and the rest of the pages so that they didn’t stick to each other. Once this was dry I added some glue to the back of the book to ensure the back was stuck together, and I also added a purple ribbon.

cutting out the pages for your book clutch

With a ruler measure a 1/4 of an inch in from the edge of the pages and mark a line in pencil. Then you will need to grab your utility knife. I bought one for quite cheap from a store that had a Home DIY department. Start cutting along the lines. I could usually cut about 4 pages each time, so be patient. After cutting out all the pages grab your paint brush and glue then begin gluing the pages within the square. I added some fabric to make it look more clutch like but it’s up to you. Then glue some more ribbon to the front cover so that you can tie the clutch closed.

And the finished product should look a little something like this. I will try and get a picture of me going out with the clutch. I love it!!!

Finished book clutch

DIY clutch made from a book


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