NCF! Comedy Night in Nottingham

My good friend Joanna, aka Anna, and I decided that we needed a night out but with exams and assignment hand-ins looming closer we shunned the idea of a boozy night clubbing. We received a flyer about the NCF! Comedy Night in Nottingham and we were instantly sold on the idea! We are advent lovers of comedy shows and are always up for seeing new acts.

After an hour long drive and numerous karaoke songs later, we arrived at the Canalhouse in Nottingham. Full of excitement to be out of the house, we walked straight to the bar to order a bottle of wine and begin our evening of laughter. The Canalhouse is a great spot with an actual canal running through the middle it. It’s bursting with quirky characteristics that give it a homey feeling.

Canalhouse in Nottingham for NCF! Comedy Night

NCF Comedy first started back in 2009 at the Nottingham Comedy Festival and has been having successful festivals of their own ever since. Now they’re travelling to various venues to show off their comedic flair with their Comedy Nights, so make sure to check out their upcoming dates so you don’t miss out.

James and Joey catching up at the NCF Comedy Night at the Canalhouse in Nottingham

After some much needed catching up with Anna, we took our seats on the upper deck of the establishment and the acts began. They were all so good!! This event gets a MASSIVE thumbs up and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a chilled night out with friends. There was a mixture of experienced comics and some fresh faces testing their talent. Even complete amateurs are able to book a slot on the night and try out their best jokes. The best thing is that it was only £1!!! An amazing deal for students as well as anyone looking for a night out.

NCF Comedy Night organisers with Amor Without Couture

The organisers of NCF Comedy Nights made sure everyone was having an amazing night. The atmosphere was definitely infectious, I don’t think I saw one person without a smile.

The Long Intros at the NCF! Comedy Night in Nottingham at the Canalhouse

All the acts were good but these guys were hands down our favourite! They’re called The Long Intros and incorporate masses of humour into a catchy melody that had Anna and I singing along in no time. Their ability to transfer awkward youth experiences into an upbeat acoustic number had me in stitches for their entire act.

Now all we need to know NCF Comedy is when are you coming to Lincoln?


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