Saddling up for Denver!

Nordstrom Cherry Creek ColoradoI’m so excited to announce that I will be up and moving sticks to Denver, Colorado to carry out an internship at Nordstrom. I couldn’t be more excited to explore more state side!

Denver, Colorado city night skyline

I have been living in England now for nearly 7 years and have loved every minute but I’m definitely ready for a major change. With the end of university in sight this is the perfect time for a new adventure. Within the local area I can go rafting, watch the Denver Broncos, hike the Rocky Mountains, go horseback riding, and the nightlife is pretty amazing. Of course I will still be blogging every step of the way but the sewing machine will have to go to a caring home so my DIY posts will have to be more creative.

The Rocky Montains, Denver Colorado

I’ve been watching every tourist YouTube video and trying to find out all there is to know about Nordstrom and Denver, it looks beautiful. Although I still have to find some accommodation which is proving to be tricky.


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