Coffee Aroma

IT….IS…SO….COLD!!! Brrrrrrrr!

All I want to do recently is curl up in my duvet and watch Disney movies, but with university exams looming closer and a move to Denver, Colorado edging into the horizon I need to keep motivated.

So I decided to meet my friend Lorna on Princess Street and we headed off for a little shop as well as a chat session at one of the best coffee houses in the Midlands, Coffee Aroma.

Princess Street, Lincoln, UK

Located on the Lincoln high street, Coffee Aroma has the best atmosphere. It’s a home-y feeling mixed with the relaxed coolness of a friend’s hangout sanctuary. It’s full of books, boardgames, newspapers, and CAKES, making it perfect to suit everyone’s tastes. They’re prized on their variety of different coffees and fresh leaf teas which are all organically sourced. Not a fan of hot drinks, no problem the coffee shop also has a wide variety of beers.

2012-10-10 00.09.03coffearoma_beerandspirits coffearoma_cake coffearoma_epressodrinks coffearoma_filtercoffee 2012-10-10 00.11.11

2012-10-10 00.12.13 2012-10-10 00.12.21 2012-10-10 00.13.41

2012-10-10 00.31.11

Lorna caught me enjoying a lovely green tea. The chalkboard in the next picture shows where the coffee that they’re using is sourced from. Pretty cool huh! If you’re like me and drained from days staring at the endless books in the University of Lincoln library then take a break and head over to Coffee Aroma for a much needed pick me up!

2012-10-10 00.36.23

Some pictures were from the Coffee Aroma website.


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