DIY Side Split Mini Skirt

Side split skirt diy projectThis project is easy and will only take you around an hour tops, as long as you don’t cut the slit too far up or in the wrong place.

Material for DIY project

Once you find some material that you love, I decided upon this lovely white with perforated flowers, grab a mini skirt that you already own out of your drawers. Double up the material so that you cut the same skirt shape twice and place the mini skirt on top of the material.

Side split skirt step 1

Cut around the skirt carefully following the shape but remember to allow an extra inch for the zipper and stitching.

Side Split skirt step 2

Now start stitching! You have to hem the top and bottom of the skirt panels separately before sewing them together. After attaching the zipper, put the skirt on and decide as to where you want to put the split and how high. I’ve been going to the gym regularly so was feeling daring 😀 Only make a small cut so that you know where to cut once you take the skirt off and make a marking as to how high. Once you do this then continue cutting following the markings. Then sew up the edges and voila!!! Your own side split skirt just like the designer ones!


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