DIY Butterfly Twist Back T-shirt

I think I’m so looking forward to summer that all I can think about doing is making these breezy summer shirts. So here’s a sexy butterfly or twisted back t-shirt.

Butterfly Twist Shirt

My mother went into her local haberdashery store, Millie Moon, and found these cute pins which I love! The store also offers sewing classes which are fantastic 🙂

Millie Moon pins

Supplies needed for DIY projectSorry about the awful lighting, my camera is not doing well at the minute, I think it might be time for an upgrade. These are the supplies you’ll need; a non-sleeved t-shirt, scissors, pins, a hem picker (not sure if that’s the official name for one of those) which may come useful if you have any tricky seams, and a sewing machine or you can stitch by hand but it may take a while.

Step 1 of Butterfly Twist Top

Turn the shirt inside out and make sure the back side is facing up. Cut along the seam all the way up to the arm pit. Then cut along the shoulder seam as well.

After Step 1 Butterfly DIY Twist Top

This is how your shirt should look after the last step.

Twist the material

Stretch out the fabric a little and then grab each end and twist twice. Make sure the shirt matches up to its original position. Now go ahead and pin the material together.

Closer look at the twist for butterfly top

Here’s a closer look at the twist which creates the butterfly back look. Now all you have to do is jump on that sewing machine and stitch the seams back to their original position.

Pulling a pose with the Butterfly Twisted back shirt

Here’s another grainy photo and paired with a cheesy grin, I’ll keep working on the photo poses haha

Back view of shirt

Enjoy making the Butterfly Twist Back T-shirt!!!


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