DIY Braided Racerback Shirt

This is a great project for getting ready for the summer months, it’s perfect with a bandeau, bikini, colourful bra, or, if you’re brave enough, free boob.


What you’ll need:


Safety pins



Racerback or old shirt (I found this one at Primark and loved the colour and print, perfect for summer)

Layout shirt

Firstly, lay your shirt out flat on your bed, desk, or any other flat surface. Then flip it over so the back is facing you. Then begin cutting an inch away from the top of the shirt, try to give it a little bit of a curve, or semi-circle.

3 Cut across top

Create larger holes in the arms. This allows space for the shirt to gather without tugging too much on the front of the fabric.

2 cut along arm holes

Stretch the back of the shirt, where you will be braiding. This gives more ‘give’ to the shirt, making a better braid.

4 stretch out braided areaCut the back fabric into three sections ready for braiding. Then go ahead and start to braid it as loose or tight as you want. If you’re not sure how to braid or need a little reminder have a look at this video.

5 Cut the braided material into three sections

6 Braid the area

When you’re finished it should look something like this. Tie a knot at the end the braid to prevent constant unravelling (this can get so annoying). Using a safety pin, pin the knot on top of the fabric so that the racerback is now put back together.

8 Pin the knot on top of the top area of the racerback and begin threading it

Thread your needle and cotton and begin to sew the knot to the fabric. Finally, to make it look more professional grab some material, maybe use some that you cut off earlier or grab a different colour altogether for a unique look. I used the label that came with the shirt because it’s the same design as the front of the shirt. Wrap the strip of fabric around the knot and racerback straps, creating a v-shape, and put in a few stitches.

9 wrap around knot

Braided racerback shirt

Photo on 2013-02-07 at 12.22


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