The Most Simple and Healthiest Cookie Recipe

Easiest cookies everOk I know everyone gets really annoyed when those ‘health nuts’ (yes, I’m one of those people) go on about all the bad ingredients in food nowadays. So I’m going to get straight to the point by saying these are the easiest cookies I’ve ever made. I got the idea from my pilates instructor……….who is on YouTube. I’m a student, and my tooshie is as tight as a peach and it cost me nothing thanks to Blogilates. Right, back to this recipe 😀 All you need is two ingredients, a banana and a cup of oats. I decided to jazz up the recipe a bit and add peanut butter to the banana as well as making some apple, cinnamon, and raison cookies. Have a try at making these yourself and tell me what you think. I hope you like them because they’re so healthy and a sweet treat!

Banana and Peanut Butter


1 banana

Peanut Butter

1 cup of oats

Ingredients for banana peanut butter cookies 2012-08-10 02.41.39 2012-08-10 02.52.02

Mash the banana and oats together and continue mixing until you get a dough-like formation.2012-08-10 02.55.03

Add in as much peanut butter as you wish. I decided upon a very heaped tablespoon.2012-08-10 02.58.36

Continue mixing with your hands until all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed in.

Apple, Cinnamon, and Raison Cookies


1 apple or apple sauce

1 cup of oats

Raisons or Trail mix


2012-08-10 04.46.36 2012-08-10 04.49.42

Remove the skin of the apple and cut it into smaller sections because this will be easier to mash.
2012-08-10 04.52.40 Mash the apple until all the lumps have gone.2012-08-10 04.53.47

Then add the apple puree (or store bought apple sauce) to the oats. Mix thoroughly adding in as much raisons and cinnamon as you like. Once the mixture resembles the previous picture of the banana and peanut butter dough then you can create small circles on a greased pan or wax paper. Make sure not to make them too thick because they will not expand like usual cookies.2012-08-10 05.00.33

Once you’ve got the oven warmed to 200C go ahead and pop in the cookies. After 10 minutes flip each cookie over so that they’re golden on each side. After a total of 20 minutes they’ll be ready to enjoy!!


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