Twenty Thirteen Thoughts

Lauren Conrad New Year Resolution IdeaMy new year was a somber one and even though I suffered with a spat of food poisoning, yuck, I was determined to stay up and ring in the new year with friends. Although I succeeded in this goal there was definitely no drinking allowed for me and I ended up asleep on the couch several times throughout the evening. When the clock hit 3am my friend Jo and I headed home for a great night’s sleep in preparation of our productive New Year’s Day.

Even though I have the usual resolutions of advancing upon my fitness and healthy eating regime blah blah blah I have three other crucial ideas which are:

1) Keeping in touch better with friends and family

2) Keep on top of my DIY projects (so many ideas, so little time)

3) Be more spontaneous!!!

Reflecting on this, I have found that although I have begun my spontaneity, my ability to respond to messages, emails, Facebook, Twitter, carrier pigeons, and all other types of contact has proven more difficult than I thought. So I’ve decided to try and set aside an hour everyday to respond to all messages, I hope this goes well 😀

Our Three King’s Dinner (aka Friends Christmas) was a success!!! All of us girls gathered around a table to dig into a great homemade roast and lemon meringue pie. We then wrote our resolutions on some Chinese lanterns, had some naked photoshoots with said lanterns, and casted them into the sky.

New Year Resolutions

In order to keep reminding myself of these resolutions I have taken an idea from Lauren Conrad’s blog and frame them in my room. Such a great idea!!


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