DIY Exposed Shoulders in Flannel

I got this great shirt for £4 from my local charity shop. It was so soft and comfy but I wanted to add a little sex appeal to it. I have to admit that putting holes into some perfectly fine clothing whist the current winter season is in full force might not be the best idea. But let’s try it anyway 😀

DIY shirt from charity shopHere are the supplies you’re needing:

Supplies needed for DIY cut out shirt

1) Firstly, put your top on and grab some clothing chalk and mark where you want your holes to be. If you don’t have any clothing chalk you can use an eye liner pencil or ordinary blackboard chalk.

DIY cut out shirt

2) Then you need to lie the shirt on your bed, desk, countertop, or any other flat surface. Then grab your scissors and cut along the marked line, carefully.

DIY cutting the cut out shirt

3) After cutting the first hole put the shirt back on to make sure it is the size and position you want. Then place it back onto the flat surface and fold it in half evenly and use safety pins to secure the already cut out shoulder to the remaining sleeve. Using the already cut out sleeve as a stencil begin to cut another hole.

Completing the final sleeve

4) Finally, you need to use either a sewing machine or a needle and thread to fold in the edges of the new sleeve cutouts and prevent them from fraying.

And you are now ready to rock the great cut out shoulder look!!! And don’t forget to accessorise 🙂

DIY Cutout Flannel Shirt

Too much laughing going on with this photo but I still really like it 🙂

DIY cut out shirt modelling photo


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