Autumn Craft Creations

I’ve been trying to find new ways to make our new home feel more warm. With the weather set to decrease even further I need all the aesthetics to try and keep me mentally warm haha Here are a few crafts that you can try at your homes.

Leaf gift tags

Leaf Gifts Tags 

“Turn leaf rubbings, made with thin colored paper and standard wax crayons, into gift tags or place cards by trimming around the edges of the paper leaf. Write the names of your dinner guests or gift recipients in a contrasting colour.”

Bottle of Boos Halloween crafts

Festive Bottle Lamp

This is a great idea for Halloween! 

tree candle holder, table centre piece

Tree Branch Centre Piece 

For those people who have the luxury of space in their homes you can come together with nature by changing a tree branch into a table centre piece.

Corn husk candle decorations

Cornhusk candles

“Wrapped in dried corn husks, votives cast a soft glow and serve as a reminder that corn was part of the first Thanksgiving feast.”

Twig coasters

Twig Coasters

“These coasters look like rafts afloat a tabletop. For each coaster, gather 22 small, straight twigs, and trim them to a length of 5 inches”

Thanksgiving Thankful Garland

And of course some Halloween decorations 😀

Bat mobile for Halloween decorations

Puking pumpkin for Halloween

Glitter pumpkin


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