My 22nd Birthday!

Jamie Kathleen Amor 22nd Birthday Party So my birthday was quite some time ago, August 24th to be exact, but I was contemplating whether or not to do a post about it. In the remaining days I had of my 21 year old life I didn’t think becoming 22 was the best age to be celebrating. For me this officially struck a cord of adulthood that I was furiously trying to tone out, whilst tightly holding onto my youthful and fun 21 lifestyle.

With this daunting age becoming fast approaching, I received a very useful quote from a good friend of mine which turned my perspective for the better. After being told “Don’t take life too seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.” was not exactly the most comforting words I’ve heard but they were true.

With that being said I decided to enjoy my birthday by having a one last ditch at being an irresponsible youth. I will say that the night was full of Caipirinhas and shots but the mischievous activities will remain a secret between those who were there 😀

Friends enjoying my 22nd birthday Rokaya and Claire at the barJoanna and I At the beginning of the night


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