DIY Vintage Plates Jewellery Stand

I was clicking through some of my favourite blogs in a bid to find some unique way of creating a jewellery stand. I’m not a fan of the whole mannequin hand on my dresser idea so was in need of some inspiration. I came across some of these pictures of using porcelain plates as a jewellery holder.

A Pair and a Spare jewellery stand ideaSarah jewellery ideas The Frisky Jewellery stand

I decided to raid my local charity stores and found a great deal on four plates (altering in size) of Willow ceramic for £2!!! Such a steal!! The various blogs have used teacups, candle stick holders, egg cup holders and a little statue as a perch for the second plate. I did not want a huge gap between my two plates so I bought a small light pink candle stick holder from Oxfam. All you need to do is buy some super strong glue to secure the pieces together.

Candle stick holder used for creating a jewellery stand View of the DIY jewellery stand on amor with couture's table An aerial view of the jewellery holder created by amor without coutureJewellery stand holding all of my jewellery made with vintage plates

You can also add a teacup on the top for any jewellery that is small as well as draping hanging earrings from the side.

Martha Stewart Teacup and Saucer jewellery holder


6 thoughts on “DIY Vintage Plates Jewellery Stand

      1. oh man I’ve got a cupboard full-glad to have another way to use them! I get most of mine from charity shops! and my family!

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