DIY Off Shoulder Sweater

Have you ever noticed that men’s clothing is usually way better quality at a fraction of the price? I’ve been looking for a thick off shoulder sweater for ages with no luck. So when I was doing my usual charity shopping, Lincoln has quite a few nice ones, I found this old man’s sweater. For £3.75 I grabbed this bargain and ran home to start my new project.

*Tip* When looking for a sweater to alter select one that has been sewn together rather than knitted. It will be easier when having to separate the pieces.

As you can see from the photos below the sweater was not at its best before the project begun. Excuse the walls and shoes the new house is still undergoing some TLC.

DIY Off Shoulder Sweater Before picture 1DIY Off Shoulder Sweater Before picture 2

Firstly, carefully separate the stitching away from the areas where you’re going to adjust the garment. Mine was quite tight along the bottom so I’m taking about 2 inches of stitching along the sides. If you’re just altering the neckline then begin taking the stitch out at the top of the shoulders. Make sure that you go slowly continuously trying it on to see the size of the neckline. Remember you can always make it bigger so there’s no rush.

Step 1 of creating an off should sweater

You can see below for how my sweater looked after opening one side of it.

 Opening of the neckline on DIY off shoulder sweater

After this I added some Fray Check to the edges to ensure no fraying through wear and tear this winter season.

Adding Fray Check to edges of the off shoulder sweater

Once the Fray Check has dried it’s time to get the needle and thread out. At the bottom I folded in the edges and stitched it up. At the neckline I folded the turtle neck inside for added warmth and then added an even lined stitched along the neckline.

Stitching the bottom

After all this way done I headed to the iron and, on a heavy steam, held the heat over the stitched areas to hold the style. And here is the final outcome!

DIY Off Shoulder Sweater completed

I’ve added a leopard print belt to make a break in the colour and added some kitty shoes from Accessorize 😀 Show me your creations on Twitter @JamieKAmor.

Kitty flats from Accessorize


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