A day in Ronda that included bridge jumping

All of us with the instructor for Puenting in RondaI know that this title may make me sound really exciting but far from the contrary. I’m afraid  I have mislead you and during this great activity I was the photographer. For one of the remaining weekends we had in Spain my friends all decided they wanted to go ‘puenting’ whilst we were visiting Ronda. Juliet, my ever worried mother, would have had a heart malfunction if she thought I was doing this. So I decided to spare her any pain and take my rightful place as videographer and photographer.

Practicing the jump

To explain ‘puenting’ simply, it is the same as bungee jumping with a few small differences. You always jump off a bridge and instead the harness is strapped around your arms and legs rather than just your legs. The biggest difference is that you swing when ‘puenting’ whereas  if you bungee jump you’ll be bouncing. Both have that freefall experience that when I look back on it I wish I did go through with the jump, but don’t worry there will be loads more chances for me 😉

I filmed everyone’s “Last Words” you know in case anything happens haha You can view the video below. Congrats to Joanna, Sergio, and Rokaya who jumped on the 8/2012!!!!

After this adrenaline rush we all had a walk and lunch in the beautiful city of Ronda. This prehistoric city dates back to the Neolithic Age and has fantastic rock paintings of Cueva de la Pileta.

Sergio and Joanna playing in the toy store in Ronda


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