DIY Owl Doorstop

Hammer and thread owl creations I have moved back from my work placement in Sunny Southern Spain to the wintery chills of my university city of Lincoln. Our new house, after some TLC, has been transformed into our new lovely abode and this is where I will be for the next nine months at least. Of course being a student the outside world believes that the risk of us starting a fire compared to the normal household is relatively high, so we all have exceptionally heavy fire doors at the entry of each of our bedrooms. Instead of investing in the usual doorstops I found a pattern that allows you to make a cute owl doorstop. I found a nice floral pattern and decided to use this as the body and a nice complementary pink and cream. The directions are below, happy stitching!

The supplies you need are:

  • Scissors
  • 3 different patterned fabrics (these can be matching or completely different)
  • orange felt (for the beak)
  • black and white felt (for the eyes)
  • sewing machine (or you can hand stitch, if you have the patience)
  • needle and thread
  • strong glue
  • sewing pins

You’re able to get the patterns from here.

Once you’ve been able to cut out all of your pieces (if you have any problems post a comment and I will answer) it;s time to start putting it together.

After creating one owl and it looking constantly in flight I decided to add some felt to the top wings to keep the bottom wings down. Make sure the felt is exactly the same size as the material because it will be easier to stitch this way.

owl wings in felt

After that I pinned the felt to the wing colour that I wanted to be on top.

pining felt to owl wing

I carefully, using a sewing machine, did a tight stitch about 1/4 inch from the edge along the curve. Learning from my mistakes, do not stitch the top opening. Then cut the felt close to the stitching as well as doing little snips along the edge to create a puffed effect when it is turned inside out.

owl wing after being stitched

Do the same for the other two bottom wings (without the felt) and turn them inside out so they are correct. Then grab the head and body which are different material patterns in my case. Lay the wings where and how you want them to look on the body, remembering there must be enough material to stitch it. Place the head on top of the body, ear points downward an do an even line across. It should turn out similar to the picture below.

attaching the wings to the body

At this point, you will need to add the eyes and beak. My circle cutting skills are nothing to be admired but I think it makes my little owl cuter 😀 You can make your owl do any expression, winking, sleeping, mouth closed or open, etc. I glued the eyes on with fabric glue and then did a quick stitch on the sewing machine in the middle of the beak.

owl front

Now it is time to make the back, this can be a little tricky. Using your tail cutout place it along the bottom edge of the body as it is demonstrated below. Be sure to pin the wings as well so that they do not get caught up in the stitching process as well.

Creating the back of the owl doorstop

Turn the entire owl inside out and grab the body cutout. Pin the body so that the wrong side is facing you and sew along the edge until you reach the bottom half of the body that was previously stitched.

how the back should look

Because I want to be able to put rocks and a bag of rice into the owl (yes the fire doors are that heavy) I decided to sew a button onto the opening rather than stitching it.

Sewing the back of the body

And that’s it! Let’s see your creations by posting me your pictures over Twitter @JamieKAmor. Thank you Hammer and Thread for sharing. Here is Peggy in action!

Peggy the Owl Doorstop


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