Finding my Inner Peace… well as some coloured hair

Arte Sano IV event on the beach Throughout my time in Spain I have been exceptionally grateful for all the fantastic people I’ve met. Phil the owner of La Chispa magazine is no exception and when his Arte Sano IV event was around the corner he allowed me to get involved. Arte Sano is a healing arts festival on the San Pedro beach and my job was to keep control of the “Peace Tent” where numerous speeches, workshops, and interactive seminars took place. The Moroccan tent was beautifully placed on the beach but with the July heat I soon decided to open up the tent as much as possible. With a great breeze flowing through the tent I positioned myself so I could bask in the air flow whilst enjoying the talk leaders explain a new outlook on life experiences.

As the day continued into the afternoon I decided to take advantage of my free time and explore the stalls that were flowing with fresh tea, vegan meals, and my favourite type of leather bracelets. The stretch of stalls extended along the beach for quite a while with a great finale at the Flavours of Jamaica food stall playing up-beat music and serving a spicy jerk chicken and rice that would impress the best chefs. I admit I spent a fair amount of time here getting my groove on but I also ventured out of my comfort zone  and tried some vegan food. It was AMAZING! I was happily surprised by how much I liked it but going a full time veggie? It was a consideration but I’m a bona-fide American and the hunger for meat remained dominant so I’m afraid being converted to a vegetarian was a no-go.

On the evening of the last day I enjoyed some music by Indian Grooveland and met some friends who showed me a glimpse into their world. One man was an incredible smart physician who had an important job which he was successful with. One day during his daily routined life he decided to give it all up for a more relaxed and earth-friendly life. Even though I was greatly intrigued and had questions to annoy him for the next three days all I noticed was how beamingly happy he was. It was an evident vibe throughout the event where people were friendly, helpful, and of course beyond happy. Makes you wonder if all the effort is worth the outcome. I decided to mull over my thoughts whilst getting a henna tattoo on the back of my neck for the remaining time.

Soaking in everything and anything I could from the Arte Sano weekend I’ve decided upon a slight change in my lifestyle. A cleaner one where my food is made from scratch so I know exactly what’s in it, try to steer clear of medication and chemicals, I stretch and meditate to remain centered and calm which actually gives me clarity on situations, even though I’m a student my alcohol intake has dramatically reduced, and finally I have a far more open mind.

Oh yeah, remember that henna tattoo I got. Well, when I decided it was time to remove it I completely forgot that henna is used to dye hair. As you can imagine my room mate Joanna was in stitches when jet black neck hair remained after a tremendous amount of scrubbing. After two days of keeping my hair down to cover my neck I decided to get out the hair removal cream. A positive outcome though, because my neck was so soft for a number of days 😀

Phil at La Chispa working the Arte Sano event View on the Yoga grass at Arte Sano event Fresh tea on stalls Fresh tea at Arte Sano at San Pedro beach From in side of the Peace Tent Flavours of Jamaica stallStalls at Arte Sano for La Chispa Magazine Fresh candy at Arte Sano Stalls at Arte Sano event A couple enjoying some vegan food at Arte Sano Sandals for sale at La Chispa event Arboretum in Marbella stall Artwork at Arte Sano event Getting some fresh vegan food Busy food stall at the Arte Sano event on San Pedro beach Busy food stall hard at work Some performances in the evening at Arte Sano


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