Inspire: Red wine for Fall

Fashion File magazine cover from Net-a-porterThe Fashion File magazine, produced by Net-a-Porter, is a perfect guide for the season’s trends. The Autumn/Winter clothing is becoming more noticeable as the sales are beginning to die out and the new season shipment has been ordered. Net-a-porter is also great for outfit ideas, so go ahead and check out the full magazine as I’ve only featured a few pages within this blog post.

For anyone who has been lucky enough to buy a fresh off the runway piece of clothing, you will know that Net-a-porter’s delivery service is second to none. Thanks to Natalie Massenet 1,000 customers a day receive a sturdy cardboard box presented to them with a beautifully tied bow and inside their gift is carefully wrapped in expensive pink tissue paper. Anyone who receives a delivery in this condition will be more than ecstatic, especially with the latest bunch of post man. They honestly need a lesson in courtesy. Moving on, Net-a-porter is a product of the dotcom boom and surpasses other online retailers in awards and customer service. I know that being a student means sticking to the budget but everyone should check out this website cause it offers a world of fashion that engulfs you visually allowing outfit ideas to flow freely. We all need inspiration from time to time and this is one of my favourite stops if I’m stuck in a rut!

Below I have taken one of the trends from the Fashion File piece and chosen some more affordable pieces from the high-street and online retailers for my fellow students. Scarlet Fever, or Seeing Red, is a trend full of shades of red. I’m very excited for this colour to hit the mainstream because a dark shade of red works perfectly with my skin tone 😀 Think red wine, winter berries, the fallen leaves in Autumn, this colour is very rich and glamorous. A dark red is a great alternative to those lovers of black who are wanting to venture into some colour.

Seeing Red article from Fashion File magazine made by Net-a-porter 1Seeing Red article from Fashion File magazine made by Net-a-porter 2Autumn/Winter 2012 Trend Scarlett Fever


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