DIY Skater Skirt

I found this great blog from A Pair and a Spare which shows a quick and simple way to make a skater skirt.

“Another half hour DIY sewing project coming right up! I have such a huge thing for short voluminous circle skirts – and recently tried my hand at making one for myself. It turned out to be much easier than I thought!

diy circle skirt 13
diy circle skirt 11
diy circle skirt 15

Wearing: DIY Circle Skirt, Crop Top designed by me, Vintage Beaded Jacket from London (most treasured vintage piece I own!), Zara Heels, Gold Necklace from Boticca, DIY rings from the hardware store

You need:
– 2 meters (or around 2.4 yards) of linen fabric
– Sewing Pins
– A hook and eye fastening
– Scissors
– A skirt zip
– A sewing machine

diy circle skirt 1

1. The first thing to do is to take your fabric, fold it in half and then fold it again.You then want to cut the skirt out following the diagram below.

diy circle skirt template

I wanted mine a little big so I could add some pleats in the back so I added a few inches to my natural waist.

diy circle skirt process

2. Now you will have a big circle of fabric with a hole in the middle. Hopefully the hole will be the right size for your waist. If it is slightly too big, you can make a few pleats in the back like I did – I preferred this because it added volume to the skirt. Cut a seam into the skirt as shown below.

diy circle skirt templates2

3. Now, first run the  zig zag stitch along both new seams to prevent fraying. Then pin the seam on the inside and the zip in as shown below. Using your sewing machine, sew the seam shut and zip in.

diy circle skirt process2
 4. To finish off the skirt, hem the waistband and the lower hem. You can add a waistband but I just chose to hem the raw edges – I think this looks more simple.I suggest you use bias binding to do this to get a clean hem – it can be tricky to hem a round edge like this and bias binding is a great way around it. I didn’t have any on hand and needed to finish the skirt in less than half an hour to wear out (yes, that’s how I roll) so instead I went around the raw edges using a zigzag stitch to prevent fraying and then did a single fold hem. If you have a serger that would work even better. Add a hook and eye to the top of the zip so it is more secure.

And you’re done! I have in mind to make a whole number of different coloured skirts like this.

diy circle skirts
diy circle skirt 14diy circle skirt 17Once again thanks to Jess for the photos!”A massive thank you to A Pair and a Spare for posting this great tutorial.

25 thoughts on “DIY Skater Skirt

    1. Hi liyakenneth! Thanks for your question! If you scroll to picture 5, where it shows you the pattern. In the bottom left corner there is an equation radius=waist in inches/6.28. You take this number and using your tape measure go to the top right corner of your fabric and measure the amount calculated downwards.

      I hope this helps 😀 x

  1. Hey ,

    i’ve never ever made something before but im going to try this.

    How do i get the pleats in the skirt & how long did it take you to make this ?


    1. If the material you bought is quite light then the pleats will fall naturally like they do in the picture. If you’re wanting more volume then fold over a little bit of the material at the waist.

      As for the length, I like to make my legs look longer so let the fabric hang to my mid thigh.

      Hope this helps, let me know if you need anymore help xx

  2. Hi,
    I’m just curious because I’m making girly Santa dresses with a skirt like this one, would the pleats still fall naturally or would I have to put pleats on it? Could you help I love this skirt and if I don’t use it for my costumes then I will definitely make one for my self!

  3. Hi, I’ve never tried anything like this before, but I think I’m gonna give it a go as it looks quite easy and very pretty.

    I was just wondering on average how much the material would cost? thanks xxx

    1. Hi Ellie!!

      I’m afraid I’m not sure what the price would be where you’re located. It depends on the quality of fabric and where you’re wanting to going to buy it. I found that going to open markets to be the best places, if you do not have any markets where you are located businesses like Boyes stock material for quite a reasonable price.

      I hope this helps!! If you need to know more let me know.


  4. Hi, I would love to make this skirt for my daughter who is 11 and quite petit could I use 1.5 metres of fabric intead of 2m. Thanks for this great tutorial and will definitely be pinning this one!

    1. Hello Ruth!

      Using a tape measure, begin to wrap it around the smallest area of your abdomen. If you’re wanting to make the skater skirt especially voluminous then give yourself an extra inch or two to allow room for pleats. On the other hand, if you want a simple project then just tighten the tape measure to where you’re comfortable and this is the amount of fabric you need.

      Now you need to find the radius, so taking the waist measurement divide it by 6.28 and this is the length needed. Measure from the top right corner, where the fabric is folded and you’re beginning the project.

      I hope this helps!!! Thanks for your question 😀


  5. Superb blog! Do you have any tips and hints for aspiring writers? I’m planning to start my own blog soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you advise starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many choices out there that I’m totally overwhelmed .. Any tips? Appreciate it!

  6. Hi there this is a wonderful post and has given me the courage to try and make a skirt myself! However, I have never used a sewing machine before and don’t want to invest in one (or classes) at the moment – I can hand stitch though. Do you think that could work?

  7. Hi! I was wondering, for the instruction where it tells you to ‘add a few extra inches to your waistline’ for pleats, does it mean for both measurements (both the waistline and the bottom radius of the skirt)?

  8. Hey! I’m going on holiday super soon so I’m in frantic mode :/ I don’t have time t go and buy a zip- do you think it will be possible to do a larger waist and put in elastic? If so, do you have any tips on how to go about doing this? Thank you!!

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