My Birthday Wishlist

Jamie Birthday Wishlist

It is my birthday on 24th of August, so only 24 days to go until I’m 22! People have already started to ask me what I want for my birthday so I thought it would be best to do a blog post. So going from left to right, let’s begin with my Birthday Wishlist!

  • Eats. Shoots & Leaves! Punctuation Book
  • I love Sam Bourne and his writings so any of his books would be greatly appreciated (Have already read The Chosen One)
  • I’ve recently discovered my adventurous side and would love to go paragliding
  • The Dressmaker’s Technique Bible book
  • P.S. – I Made This book (from the well-known blog P.S. – I Made This)
  • Angel perfume by Thierry Mugler (my favourite)
  • The next picture is one that I adore. Someday when I finally settle down in a place I will have a DIY and sewing room therefore becoming the next Martha Stewart, but until then anything to with studs, ribbons, material, hot glue gun, buttons, sequin, spikes, paper, threads, etc. would be appreciated
  • I’m really into boho/indian/chic style and this hand harness is perfect and only 3.99 from New Look
  • Kindle, after travelling with all my books to Spain I’ve realised that a Kindle might be a good investment
  • And finally, the Lauren Conrad Beauty book to add to my collection, yes I am a Lauren Conrad fanatic.

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