Nikki Beach’s 9th Anniversary Party

Joanna and I with the French men When my friends and I were invited to the Nikki Beach party we were beyond excited. This is one of the most exclusive beach clubs in Marbella and Puerto Banus. Being students we did take advantage of the free bar when we entered but don’t worry we remained composed and ladylike. I wore a new body-con dress that I got from Mango. I’ve been working out like crazy so wanted to have some fun with the hard work. But just like every other women I could not wear whatever I wanted. As mentioned previously in the Wardrobe Detox Part II: Knowing your Body Shape blog I sport a lovely spoon shape. So this dress brought more attraction to my top half whilst containing my bottom perfectly, I also added the brown belt for more definition.

Now more about the party! We danced the night away and when we sat down the men were flocking, a good sign and a definite confidence builder 😀 Even though we were surrounded by the A-list of Marbella I preferred having a good chat with my girls and a boogie with the randoms. So I would like to say a huge thank you to Nikki Beach for a fantastic night!

Next on our list is Ocean Club, Sala Beach, and Aqwa Mist! 

With the friends at Nikki BeachEverybody at Nikki Beach

Photos courtesy of: X Magazine and moi 🙂


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