Glamour Glasses on a budget

D&G flower sunglasses

I saw this blog on one of my favourite sites Lyle Style so I thought I would share it with everyone on Amor Without Couture. Kudos Lyle!

“THE INSPIRATION: D&G Flower Sunnies.

THE DIY: This is a super quick and easy way to spruce up some old sunnies. The total cost was only $3!

What you need: – A pair of old sunglasses – Decorative floral embellishments – Super glue

Supplies needed for D&G summer sunglasses

First plan where you want the flowers to go. (I went for only a few on each side in a muted color) then dab a little glue under each flower, wait a few seconds and then glue the flowers on one by one.

Step in making D&G flower sunglasses for summerDIY D&G Flower sunglasses for summer

And there you go! Than you are ready to be a summer time flower child.”


6 thoughts on “Glamour Glasses on a budget

  1. hello I absolutely love these sunglasses and would love to make them! Although I am really having trouble finding, where you buy those little flowers from??? xo

    1. Hey Bec! Sorry for my disappearing act I’ve been exceptionally busy with university assignments and work. I’m afraid I don’t remember the exact ebayer that I bought my flowers from but I’m sure if you had a little search you’ll be able to find them. They’re also available at any large DIY and art store.


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