Wardrobe Detox Part ll: Knowing your Body Shape

Spoon body shape 1Continuing from the last Wardrobe Detox post after much measuring and comparing with my friends I have come to terms with my spoon shaped body. Yes I have a rather large ass and a good pair of hips, which comes in use when carrying the groceries. When I was younger my body shape was rather different, meaning no figure at all. I wanted curves so bad that I’m exceptionally happy with what I got, although my body could have realised that my feet didn’t need anymore growth and to focus more on the boob section. I mean a SIZE 7, what is this! On the positive side my size shoe is always on sale 🙂

Now back to the point at hand. I have friends who are a completely different body shape and others who have the same but look rather different all the same. No one likes measuring themselves or getting on the weights but once you come to terms with how you look, you can then get to work looking fabulous. I find that women are always waiting for that some special day when their hair is a little longer, that 3 pounds lighter, or suddenly get a growth spurt at the tender age of 35. Talking to the generations of ladies in my family I learnt that our bodies are always changing throughout our lives so let’s get on with it and enjoy the moment.

I used the Body Shape Calculator to get an understanding behind the way I really look. Unless I work out for about 2 hours everyday, then that small tire around my stomach will always be there. And you know what I LOVE macaroons so I do the best I can. This website gives a more realistic look at women and says that there are actually 8 different body shapes which are: spoon, pear, straight, hourglass, top hourglass, inverted triangle, oval, and diamond. Polyvore is a great website for inspirational ideas for creating outfits.

Let everyone know your great shape and leave it in a comment below!


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