Wardrobe Detox Part l: Colour coding for your skin tone

Celebrity faces showing different skin tonesWith the summer now in full swing it seems that everyone is wanting to wear their neons and brights. Supposedly black is a universally slimming colour, but why doesn’t it give me that pizazz that every woman desires? Well, according to the Chic Fashionisa quiz I’m a Warm Autumn and, funny enough, black is definitely not my colour and neons are not my friend. If you have ever visited a stylist you’ll notice they have these swatches of colours in fabric or in a book, this is to show you the colours that suit your skin tone. Once you take the test it is weird to realise that your once favourite ‘go to’ dancing dress really doesn’t do you any favours. Below is my colour palette. I have to say away from bright, clear colours in favour of warm, golden tone ones.

Warm Autumn skin tone colour palette

Going through my closet and taking out all the colours that weren’t listed on the swatches I started to see my choices diminishing. Of course any fashion conscious woman would feel vindictive, so in a painfully failed effort I tried to prove the idea of colour coding wrong. Going through my Facebook pictures, to get a great outer perspective, it all became to real and all those clothes found their way onto my eBay.

A word of advice for fellow hair dyers, do not take into account your dyed hair colour as this will produce untrue results. I added a couple outfit collages which helps any other Warm Autumns.

Go ahead and take the quiz and let me know what you think. The epiphany you’ll experience will be counteracted with an epic gasping of “Oh shit, why did I ever wear that.”

Warm Autumn outfit 1

Warm Autumn outfit 2

Images courtesy of Seasonal Color Analysis and Pinterest


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