All I need in this life of sin….

Joanna and IFellow bloggers and friends Joanna, Sonia, and I went for a night out in Puerto Banus over the weekend. With the warmer weather lasting into the late night I decided to put all my exercising on show with some short shorts. My white shorts are from Zara and the kaftan inspired green top is by Saint Tropez.

Puerto Banus men are by far the most unpredictable I’ve ever met. Whether they grew up here or just visiting, there is something in the city’s air that makes them act like they’ve won the lottery. The excessive macho exterior, chat-up lines, seizure like dancing, and abundance of alcohol is something I believe every women would love to take pleasure in.

Sonia and I

Cue a visually entertaining, but real short story.

After having a lovely dinner along the marina walkway we headed to Seven to dance away the calories. Of course our cute Sonia attracted a lot of attention, especially from a group of men who were from Belgium. They were very gentleman-like and had some impressive dance moves, even though it was limited to the gyrating motion. A little later into the evening I turn to see two men fighting over Joanna. They honestly had one hand each and were pulling her like a tug toy! They were even lifting their shirts and making her compare each set of abs through touch. Now you can imagine how comical this was for me and even though this is surely every women’s dream, the fear on Joanna’s face meant I needed to intervene.

It seems that the child playground concepts are still applying later in age. A guy will always want what he cannot have or what his friend has.

Joanna and I with the pitcher


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