Art Watson Gallery Opening

Art Watson GalleryThe best part about my work placement is the great events that my friends and I get to attend along the Costa del Sol. We recently got the chance to view the Art Watson Gallery exhibiting artist Dom Pattinson at the Marbella Club Hotel. The champagne was bubbling and the heat wave made the evening feel as if summer has hit the coast. Sorry to my friends and family in England reading this, merely trying to reiterate a picture for you……..not a great excuse to throttle me :-S

Anyway back to the rather exclusive artwork. Not only had Dom Pattinson sold his collections at London and New York fairs but he has exhibitions in Singapore, Valencia, and Australia. The theme is Graffiti and Street Art Movement and I’m not sure if it’s my still youthful mentality but I love the artwork. Reminds me of Banksy in some ways.

Another attraction at the event is the Rock-Box-Series which are miniature replicas of the world’s most famous gigs, created by Phil Wainman.

I have attached a few photos for everyone to have a gander. Those who are art savvy your comments will be very much appreciated to help me avoid rambling. This will help me offer more sophisticated injections within a conversation rather than hovering over the bar, I do love champagne though 😉

P.S. I decided to wear an ESpirit dress, with my friend’s leopard print belt, and beige heels from Dorothy Perkins

Myself at the Marbella Club Hotel Art work at Art Watson GalleryMy friend Joanna enjoying the Art Watson GalleryGraffiti and Street art canvas picturesSonia with a rather vocal painting Rock n Roll miniatures


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