Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington

The September IssueAnyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with any and every fashion magazine. The glossy pages filled with carefully produced photoshoots revealing a story behind every photo. One of my favourite magazines is of course Vogue. Now I know that most of Vogue’s content is for the people who have more money than any of us could imagine but my favourite part is the Editor’s note which sets up the theme of the entire magazine. These photo spreads take thousands of pounds to make and recreate a feeling or world that will capture the reader. Grace Coddington, a creative director for Vogue, is the mastermind behind these magic-filled magazines and a personal favourite of mine.

The September Issue‘ is a great documentry into the development of the Vogue magazine’s September issue. Enjoy watching it and exploring the world of stress, fashion, and tears that all go into the making of a fantastic magazine. Kudos to them!!!!


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