Collars come in all forms

Different styles of collarsI’ll admit I have been worried about joining the jewelled collar band wagon. I like my shirts rather plain so they translate into a large number of various styles but, after seeing this studded collar I wanted to get my creativity cap on straight away.

Here is a simple tutorial posted by Refinery 29 on how to complete the look. More types are also show on the website.

shirt, metal studs, and pliers
Step 1 — First, place the point ends of a stud into the topmost portion of the collar, right parallel to the inside stitching. Make sure all of the points go through the fabric and come out on the other side.

shirt and studs

Step 2 — Flip the collar over. Holding the stud in place with one hand, take a pair of pliers and begin to fold down the studs’ spikes, making them flat and flush agains the fabric. You don’t want to be poked later on!

 pliers and studs

Step 3 — Place another stud on the bottom point of the collar, again, lined up with the inside stitching. Repeat step 2, making sure the stud is secured and all of the points lay flat.

Creating the design

Repeat step 1-3, and create your own design!

Post your creations on your blog, I’d love to see what everyone else creates.


2 thoughts on “Collars come in all forms

  1. As I’m sure you know, I know precisely jack shit about fashion, fashion design or haute couture, but this is a great blog – very impressive, Jamie!

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