Look books, inspire me!

Bloomingdales-Fall-2012-Designer-LookbookI’m a huge fan of Lookbooks! A Lookbook is usually what designers use to show off their collections whilst creating an atmosphere and enjoyment for the stockist, advertiser, etc. Nowadays, you can see all different variations of this term. As many self proclaimed fashionistas will tell you finding inspiration can come from anywhere and I’m presenting you with how I conjure up some of my outfits. It’s hard to look at your clothes in a different way when you’ve had them for years and being a student like me you need to be inventive cause making it rain on the high street is not an option if you want to eat this week. Of course many people usually grab the scissors on a piece of clothing in order to be creative but these lookbooks allow you to look at items of clothing, which you will own, in a different light. The best thing is that most of the time the people on these websites or books are just like you and me! I attached two of my favourite sites for your enjoyment! But also have a look at all department stores, designers, or high streets who all do their own lookbooks for your enjoyment :-D

Enjoy toots! ❤




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