Business attire caught in a fashion cross fire!

Going into the New Year I have thought about what the major fashion trend of January 2011. Posting some writing I did back then, reflects what I think to be the major fashion trend of 2011. This style has also followed us into 2012 but with numerous twists.

Steve Madden brogues

‘When looking around at today’s trends, it is obvious that women’s fashion statements are changing. Why is it that men seem to be becoming more feminine with their tight shirts and accessories whilst women are deciding to swap their high-heeled Jimmy Choos for dad’s brogues?

As everyone knows a person’s style is in sync with the personality they are trying to display. With the tailoring and newly pressed suits dominating the high-street window displays and designer catwalks, you can’t help but see traditionally masculine qualities now being translated into women’s trends. Moreover, the name of boyfriend jeans, boyfriend blazer, etc., only reiterates the masculine characteristics of these new trends.

Leighton Meester at the Gotham Independent Film AwardsI picked up the January 2011 issue of Elle which was majorly focused on fashion in the work place. The new trend of the girl tux is becoming increasingly more popular especially among celebrities. Leighton Meester was seen wearing a classic at the IFP Gotham Independent Film Awards 2010. With the bitterly cold English weather set to continue into the New Year how do you dress to go out without making your mother worry the night away about colds. Dawning long layers with a masculine touch may prove to be more seductive rather than the cleavage bearing mini dresses. Having a warm tooshie whilst at the same time looking fabulous is a trend that I will be embracing for a long time to come.’  

With the exposure of women, like Anna Wintour and Michelle Obama, proving that achieving power and respect is possible provides a foundation for the next batch of ambitious women to achieve greater things. Looking around at the masculine trend in the present day of women’s clothing that is engulfing the bodies of younger girls sparks the question, are we the next generation?

Throughout the whole journey fashion has become a major role-player in the development of the modern woman. With the outfits hitting the street today it’s true, girls can do it better than boys!’

Kris Jenner

 BeyonceKhloe Kardashian Redbook


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