Beatrix Ong is putting her best foot forward

Beatrix Ong

Whilst waiting for my friend Megan to finish her laser treatment session (ouch!) I decided to read a magazine, one of my favourite pass times. I came across an article about Beatrix Ong. This young lady has made quite a name for herself in the fashion world. She is London born and studied at Central St. Martins and Cordwainers College. Beatrix also carried out a position in the Fashion Department at Harper’s Bazaar before becoming Jimmy Choo’s Creative Director of Couture at age 22. That’s impressive right!!! Now she runs her own business and creates some unique and sought after shoes that keeps Manolo on his toes. Check out her website: Hopefully Beatrix will bless us with by doing a collaboration with a high street retailer that allows all of us to embrace our feet with luxury.

Below are one of my favourite designs.

designer shoes

Just saw on that Beatrix Ong has been presented for a prestigious award. You can view the news feed at


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