Festive times

Joanna and I at Room 101

Being away from my family in England has been absolute torture, so when Christmas time was just around the corner I was literally bouncing off the walls with excitement. Although the English weather is nothing to be anticipated whilst I’ve enjoyed my days in the Spanish sun, I felt like I needed the cold to complete the festive season. I treated my family to real presents this year compared to trying my hand at DIY presents last year. Whilst I was spoilt rotten with a MacBook laptop which I’m in love with!!!! I also missed the food and indulged a little too much with the cheeseboards 😀


My mom, sister, and I


As for the New Year’s my friend Joanna and I hit the Puerto Banus bars along the coast. I enjoyed the evening drinking several (oh hell, a bucket load) Caiprinas. Yum! I got a fabulous dress from a boutique on Catherine Hill in Frome, England called Boho. It was a gorgeous red and flowed beautifully. Paired with my white and gold heels I was ready for the evening. We met a lovely photographer and fashion designer whom we partied with till 8am.

Me and the boys

Jose and I, trying to look coolJoanna found a mask


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